What is a

"zero formaldehyde addition"


There is no addition of formaldehyde in the production process of the plate ,and the plate released by formaldehyde has not been tested is called zero-formaldehyde addition plate ,which is a new type of environmental artificial material .

The zero-formaldehyde additive board adopts the formaldehyde-free MDI adhesive ,and no formaldehyde ingredient is added in the production and manufacture of artificial board products . In addition to natural air ,trees contains inherent aldehyde substances ,the formaldehyde content in products is zero .The wood required for plate processing contains extremely small amount of natural and inherent furfural .The formaldehyde content of ambient air is 0.02-.mg/m³ 。The zero aldyde of Lu Li wood added oriented structural board OSB ,solid wood structure board  ,no aldehyde ecological board ,new type without aldehyde OSB floor ,etc.

People constantly improve to the requirement of environmental protection ,zero-formaldehyde added application ,future will quickly occupied the entire board and furniture industries ,like some developed counties now are using MDI adhesive outdoor formaldehyde –free and sheet ,because it has better environmental protect and moisture resistance ,can be very affirmation of say , formaldehyde-free add household must be a trend ,not only is the trend ,is our ultimate pursuit of environmental protection .


No formaldehyde added adhesive





How to distinguish

"zero formaldehyde addition"


1.Whether the smell is pungent.

2.See if there is a national authority issued the certificate

3.Use formaldehyde-free adhesives ,such as MDI glue

4.For comparison test of boiling water ,using MDI glue or soybean protein glue to add non- formaldehyde wood for water-resistant cooking .Lu Li wood industry without formaldehyde added plate boiling water expansion and the thickness of the original plate is not different ,the boiling water has a faint wood flavor .The traditional plate boiling water expansion after the thickness of high ,loose ,a pinch of broken ,boiling water has a pungent smell .






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